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Madison, CT 06443


Welcome to Madison Wool!  We are a fiber lover’s paradise, with fine yarns for hand knitting plus one of a kind, handspun art yarns that you cannot find anywhere else! 

Dyeing Classes

Dyeing and printing Classes

To view more information on our dyeing classes, please visit our Events Calendar. Register for classes by calling the shop at 203-245-5921 or email. 


Madder Root Intensive: Pushing The Limits Of The Natural Dye Pot.  With Jackie Ottino Graf (  Saturday, June 29, 2019.  10 AM- 5 PM.  $145.00 (includes all materials)  $50.00 deposit holds your space.  Call 203-245-5921 to register.  

In this advanced workshop, we will explore how putting a little chemistry to work in the Madder Root dyepot will greatly expand our color range. Working with 4 mordants and as many pH and metallic modifiers we will leave with 20 distinct shades from one dye pot!  

This hands on and highly informative workshop will greatly increase your knowledge of the how and why of natural dyes. It is fine to attend if you are a novice dyer, but this workshop is geared toward the dyer with a bit of base knowledge. Students will leave with yarn samples (about 20, enough for a large project), formulas and handouts.  

Instructor will provide all dyes, yarns and dye equipment. Please bring a plastic bag or container to carry home your wet yarns.  

Also....dyeing has an element of waiting, please feel free to bring your knitting!  

Lunch break: Snacks, water and tea provided. Bring a lunch (refrigerator and microwave available), or we will order out from local restaurants.


Natural Dye Rainbow.  With Jackie Ottino Graf (  Sunday, June 30, 2019.  10 AM- 5 PM.  $135.00 (includes all materials).  $50.00 deposit holds your space.  Call 203-245-5921 to register.  

Nature offers us all the colors of the rainbow, we just need to figure out how to get them onto our fibers!  This workshop is perfect for the absolute beginner to the avid dyer.  We will work with 8-10 different dyestuffs in several forms: wood shavings, fresh plant material, dried plant material, insects, roots, extracts….and create a rainbow of colors.   

We will go over fiber selection and prep, proper mordanting, and how to maximize our efforts for deep rich colors. We will look at a well equipped dye studio, and what we need and how to follow proper safety precautions.  

This class is a great general purpose natural dye class that is different every time.  Sometimes we are foraging in the woods and fields for dyestuff, sometimes the host has a dye garden (MadWool does!), so you never know what might be available.  

All participants end up with 12-15 mini skeins, enough for a small to medium project. 

Instructor will provide all dyes, yarns and dye equipment. Please bring a plastic bag or container to carry home your wet yarns.  

Also....dyeing has an element of waiting, please feel free to bring your knitting!  

Lunch break:  Snacks, water and tea provided.  Bring a lunch (refrigerator and microwave available), or we will get take out from local restaurants. 

ecoprint paper header.jpg

Experience the Magic of Eco Printing

With Kathy Johnson ( Saturday September 28, 2019.  10 AM- 4:30 PM.  $115.00 (includes all supplies) $50.00 deposit holds your space.  Call 203-245-5921 to register. Snacks, water and tea provided; bring a lunch (refrigerator and microwave available, or local takeout).

Come experience the magic of eco‐printing on paper, a process of making direct contact botanical prints from the natural pigment found in plants. Combining contemporary print techniques with historic methods of natural dying can result in stunning one of a kind plant portraits captured on paper. 

●       Experiment with a variety of papers including – printmaking & watercolor paper, deli paper, and book pages  

●       Try two techniques for making paper bundles: layering cut and folded sheets and rolling long strips.  

●       Explore the use of iron water and copper water as mordants and incorporate natural dyes. 

●       Work with two methods of heating: steaming and simmering in water. This is where the magic of pigment to paper transfer happens!  

●       Discuss safety procedures and the sustainable practice of foraging and gathering plant material.  

The unpredictable and often surprising result is what makes the process of eco printing so exciting. Prepare to be wowed by Mother Nature’s magic! 

Your finished eco prints can be used for making books, journals, cards, tags, scrolls, collages, as a foundation for stitching and drawing, and can be embellished with items such as small twigs, shells, stones, or small pieces of metal. 

No experience necessary. All tools, supplies and most plant material will be provided. If you can, please bring a few shrub or tree leaves, and flowers you might like to try using.

Nothing too fleshy (succulents) and nothing toxic. 

Teaching artist Kathy Johnson loves all things paper and plants. She works in the mediums of collage and eco printing and likes to find and repurpose natural and manmade items in her art, everything from coffee filters and junk mail to candy wrappers and leaf skeletons. Her passion for plants and gardening blends well with the eco printing process by supplying her with an abundant source of fresh plant material. She became interested in and started eco printing on paper in 2013 and has been teaching the process for the past 2 years.

EP II FB Event Cvr.jpg

Eco-Print II: Now what?  With Kathy Johnson.  Sunday, September 29, 2019.  10 AM- 3 PM.  $85.00 ($25.00 deposit holds your space).   Bring a lunch or order out; snacks, water and tea included.  Call 203-245-5921 to register.

Wondering what to do with all those eco-prints you made?

Bring them and any other prints or papers you have and transform them into unique and meaningful works. Learn simple bookbinding techniques so you can try a variety of fun book styles. Take those less than perfect prints and enhance with watercolor, pencil or ink. Combine with other papers to make a one of a kind collage. Use basic stitches (running stitch, French knot, etc.) to embellish or to attach natural elements (feathers, bark, sticks, dried leaves, etc.) to your work. Bring your favorite quote or short poem to incorporate into your pages. Focus on just one project or try as many techniques as you’d like.

Supplies & tools that will be available for you to use: Cards and envelopes (enough to make 3 cards per person), watercolor paints and pencils, brushes, walnut ink, micron pens, scissors, embroidery thread and needles, glue sticks, acrylic medium, an awl and paper piercing tools, bone folder, rulers, cutting matts, paper cutter and paper punches, papers and backing board for collage. I’ll bring my favorite bookbinding and paper folding books to supply plenty of ideas and examples to inspire. Feel free to bring any of your own favorite tools or supplies that you would like to use. 

This class is open to anyone who has papers or prints of any kind that you would like to create with. 



Backyard Bundles:  Eco printing with Amy Lou Stein.  Sunday, September 9, 2018.  10 AM-5:00 PM.  $120.00.  $50.00 deposit holds your space.  Class includes all materials (dyes, fabric, etc).  Snacks, water and tea provided.  Microwave and refrigerator available, plus take out from local restaurants.  All levels welcome (ages 13+ to adult). 

Eco-printing is a technique developed by Australian dyer India Flint, which involves bundling leaves in cloth or felt and then steaming or dyeing the bundles in a plant based dye vat.  Natural dyeing in this way inspires us to care for where our clothes came from and where they will travel to, and how we, as people, can lessen our footprint with textiles.

Students will make beautiful printed fabric from foraged and discarded flowers and leaves.  We will press, wrap, tie, steam and cook--petals, leaves, metals, fabric & bark. Bring a special rock, twig, metal object, button or other small item to add to your bundle. We will talk about "no-impact" dyeing methods and how to re-use, re-purpose and alter existing garments. We will have a class discussion about fibers, mordanting, foraging and safety.

About Amy Lou:   Amy Lou is the owner of Craftwork Somerville, and is a dyer, spinner, knitter, crocheter and all around lover of crafts.   

All class materials are to be purchased from Madison Wool. Unless specified, class fee does not include pattern or materials. To register for classes, call the shop at 203-245-5921 with your information and deposit (credit card).  We will accept mailed checks as well. Many classes from visiting teachers require you to register directly with them.  Please call or email us with any questions. If we cancel class for any reason (usually only due to weather or teacher illness), you get store credit or you may take rescheduled class. Class deposit/fee non refundable five days prior to class; cancellations prior to this get store credit less deposit. We take extenuating circumstances into consideration, so please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend a class.