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56 Wall Street
Madison, CT 06443


Welcome to Madison Wool!  We are a fiber lover’s paradise, with fine yarns for hand knitting plus one of a kind, handspun art yarns that you cannot find anywhere else! 


Weekly Drop In Help Sessions Added

Ashley Martineau

After much discussion and thought, Team MadWool has added Drop In Help Sessions on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4 PM and Thursday evenings before regular classes from 5-7 PM.  There will be a charge of $10.00 per hour, and $15.00 if the project not purchased at MadWool. Now, you may ask : "Can't I just stop in anytime with my problem?".  Of course!  This is NOT meant to discourage those with quick questions or a problem that can be solved quickly.  We always want to be a helpful resource for you! Rather, it has stemmed from two things: the lack of time to schedule ALL the classes - we have to juggle not only knitting classes, but spinning, weaving, and felting classes.  The amount of beginners is increasing (yay!!!) and we can not always schedule a beginner's knitting series with all the other classes running.  We are happy to do private lessons too, and those are ongoing.

The other reason is that several folks are using the 'Stitch and Beach' open knitting time not in the spirit that it was meant---we all want to knit and socialize, and the teachers in the group have not been able to, as they have had their time monopolized by students needing help on projects that are difficult for them.  The SnB meetings are for 'light help'- quick questions that can be answered by anyone in the group, not just by a teacher.  This sounds harsh, yes, and we do not want to discourage anyone from coming to SnB either!  Just bring an 'easy', social knitting project to this group and save the difficult projects for the Help Sessions.  This is why one must have at least two projects going on at a time!

This was a difficult decision to make, but we think it is worth a try so that we can all keep knitting.  And that is what it is all about.